DJ RedBeard


DJ RedBeard is currently a student at U of I in Champaign, IL. He started DJing back in November of 2009 on Numark TT200s. A couple rough performances at Canopy Club and a Frat party got him thinking about taking a step to become more dedicated to sharing his music. Vinyl gave the essential skills to be a DJ, but to make the next step, he moved on to CD tables. With this, he was able to be more specfic in the music he could play. The goal for DJ RedBeard, from the beginning, was to share the greatest dance, trance, and techno music out there. The amazing feeling when an outrageous trance song is played, could not be kept secret any longer. And hence, Walk the Plank with DJ RedBeard was born. Through the weeks, the newest songs, and some of the classics, are played to give everyone a glimpse into the world of Trance. As for the future, DJ RedBeard would like to continue to play and share music as much as possible. Staying on top of technology, and keeping up to date is essential, and he hopes that his bi-weekly podcast will help people do just that.